A chippy with choice

The Mad Batter

The brief

The Mad Batter is not just your traditional fish and chip shop. Their menu allows for a fully tailored ordering experience which traditional chip shops do not currently offer. With an audience in the younger target market, madeby.studio’s brief was to develop a new and exciting edge back into fish and chips. The restaurants would feature in food courts and small standalone in cities with a substantial student or young population willing to try new foods.

Quirky but elegant

After researching the target market and conducting audience research, we explored several typographic based solutions. Through several amendments and potential options, we produced the ideal solution reeling in the quirkiness of the brand with an elegance in the execution displaying the core brand values of The Mad Batter. Alongside the core brand, we worked with Leeds based illustrator/designer Alex Batty to develop in-depth brand guidelines inclusive of the tone of voice and iconography producing assets to be used within all marketing collateral and point of sale items.

A catered experience

The selling point of The Mad Batter is the customisable fish and chips portions. To accommodate the various combinations, we designed a series of menu boards with a focus on the customer's experience. Through several research methods, we structured the content to visually communicate the ordering process making for a positive experience for the customers of The Mad Batter.

A chippy with choice

Alongside the branding development, we worked on the brand and marketing strategy developing a complete campaign across printed and digital mediums.

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