Beers from out of this world

Cosmic Brewery

The brief

The Cosmic Brewery strives to create new, bold, bursting with flavour beers focusing on quality and drinkability. Cosmic Brewery pride themselves on creating experimental, out of this world flavours. Whether developing new flavours or working on classic tastes, each beer is hand-crafted and refined to perfection by the cosmic brewery sommeliers. Our brief was to make a selection of beer can designs that uniquely represents the ethos of the Cosmic Brewery.

Identifying the core

To coincide with the new identity, the brewery developed four beers to establish its core range. Each beer required its own unique identity while remaining united as a brand. This allowed customers to easily identify the brewery and the unique image on the shelf or at the pub. Our research took us out of this world allowing us to develop a solution with a deep-rooted inspiration through company colour, typography and shape.

The conquest of space

To try and approach the design of the product range, research was conducted on retro-themed space design. The Conquest of Space, 1955 film poster inspired the typography and designs used within the labels. The product flavours directly influenced the colour gradients used in the cosmic gradients. To enforce the visual impact of the flavours, we included subtle iconography representing the signature fruity flavours of the Cosmic Brewery.

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