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Falabella Equestrian Jewellery

The brief

Holding a unique collection of equestrian design jewellery, Falabella Equestrian Jewellery features shapes such as horseshoes, farriers' nails, horses heads and snaffles. Each exclusive design is made from genuine 925 sterling silver and is stamped with a UK hallmark as a seal of approval.

madeby.studio was approached to help drive conversions and sales through a brand refresh and digital transformation. The goal was to re-align the brand personality for a more premium feel to compete with their competitors to stirrup trouble in the market.

Discovering the personality

Falabella Jewellery was founded in 2014 with a goal to enter the boutique market of equestrian jewellery. We collaborated with the founder to discover the personality of the brand straight from the horse's mouth. Through this, we discovered where best to position Falabella in the market. The first goal was to design a brand and identity that encapsulated the premium presentation of the jewellery. Pairing premium typefaces, a striking brand icon and a powerful cherry red colour palette, madeby.studio developed a brand that showcases the strong personality of Falabella Jewellery.

Realigning the digital presentation

Working with the Falabella Jewellery photographer, we were supplied with an incredible collection of images to allow the e-commerce store to stand out in the market. We used these as our starting point to ensure the focus of the e-commerce store design was highlighting the vast jewellery collection. Using the photography we implemented a seamless experience from product discovery to making a purchase using the imagery as a visual guide for the user journey.

Integrating into Google Ads

As the e-commerce store was built on BigCommerce we were allowed to integrate the website into 3rd party platforms. A vital integration for converting visitors into sales via advertising opportunities. Using the BigCommerce API, we integrated the Content API Feed into the Google Merchant account to allow all product information to be dynamically pulled into the advertising strategy by the PPC Agency.

Over the past year we've seen some incredible results!


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Orders


Annual Visitors

Making use of the latest products

At the time of re-building the Falabella Jewellery e-commerce website, Facebook & Instagram stores had been released. We used this opportunity to allow products to be directly fed into the social media account. This not only allowed products to be tagged into posts but also allowed them to be purchased directly through the Facebook & Instagram applications. We adjusted the social media stores to match the branding of the e-commerce site to ensure the branding & identity was cohesive across all platforms.

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