Keeping construction sites safe through a digital presence

Construction Industry Training Academy

The brief

The Construction Industry Training Academy (CITA), established in 2011, deliver the highest standard of construction training courses for the industry. Creating a positive impact on safety and efficiency on construction sites across the UK, by providing workforces with outstanding plant and safety training.

Having never had a digital presence, our goal was to work with CITA to gain an understanding of their positioning in the market, develop a branding & identity as well as a digital platform to showcase their construction site training capabilities.

Analysing the market

Our journey with the Construction Industry Training Academy started with a collaborative effort to fully immerse ourselves within the market. Through extensive market research and competitor analysis, we were able to create a brand strategy to excel CITA into a strong position of online construction training solutions. Working with CITA, we produced an array of both printed and digital solutions showcasing the brand, while also maintainng a connection with Roger Bullivant Limited, whom administer CITA.

Redeveloping the brand

The CITA logo is a stripped back simple mark to reflect CITA’s mission to deliver clear, easy to understand training to the construction industry. The lowercase logotype embodies the calm and professional feeling when walking into the CITA training academy. We rolled this ideology out across the website - simple and easy user experience matched with minimalist design. This maximised the opportunity to convert leads while remaining on brand.

Data-driven user experience

With 45 training courses accessible online, we needed to design and implement a strategy to promote course discovery. Our solution was to use an interaction tracking variable to understand what training courses users viewed most often. We could display the most popular courses in each course dynamically without any interaction via an admin interface.

Alongside this, we also introduced an internal linking strategy that would display linking to alternative internal pages dynamically based on their currently viewed course or category. Effective internal linking reduced bounce rate and increased conversions, by enforcing users to discover alternative pages.

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