Making leadership capabilities analysis accessible

My Leadership Strengths

The brief

The year 2020 has come with a lot of uncertainty and rapid pivoting of business offerings for many. This is especially true for My Leadership Strengths. We were approached to assist in bringing their physical card-based psychometric analysis toolkit into a digital application. Collaborating with the management team, we developed the algorithms, application and user experience to make leadership testing accessible in a remote-first world.

Understanding the framework

To gain an understanding of the leadership framework we worked closely with My Leadership Strengths leadership team. Our first area of investigation was how we could make a complex psychometric toolkit accessible to the users. To achieve this, we needed to understand the algorithm and how we could divide the application into stages. Our team went through several iterations of understanding, digitising and fine-tuning. This collaborative process is what allowed us to produce an engaging application with a cohesive flow from start to finish.

An engaging experience

There's a lot of boring leadership toolkits across the web, we wanted to do something different. Making use of the My Leadership Strengths colour palette we designed an exciting and engaging user experience. Throughout every step items are clearly defined through their use of colour representing one of the 4 leadership capabilities. We also added a pretty nifty progress tracker to allow complete transparency of how far through the process the end-user is. No feeling like the form will never end!

The technical bits

The application is a combination of Laravel, VueJS and InertiaJS allowing for instantaneous loading of each aspect of the toolkit. This enhanced the user experience with one user completing a full report and receiving their feedback by the time their kettle had boiled! When a user completes a QPT report, this is when all the technical bits happen. The algorithm crunches the numbers highlighting their strengths and weaknesses producing a leadership development guidance PDF. This is sent straight to their email allowing them to see their results and how to work on their leadership capabilities within seconds. All the data can also be downloaded by the My Leadership Strengths leadership team in PDF, CSV and Excel formats for analytics opportunities.

Bringing it to market

Alongside the robust QPT application, we worked with My Leadership Strengths to make minor tweaks to their brand, produce a marketing video and an overhaul of their website. The goal was to re-align the brand personality to their recent business pivot from a focus on healthcare to a more generalised leadership development toolkit. This involved re-aligning the colour palette of the website to be more focused and aligned the messaging of My Leadership Strengths.

I can see this resonating really well with tech startups and organisations that don't have leadership capabilities or a framework built. Those who are looking for "Disruptive Leadership" approaches to leadership development. I've seen so many s**t assessments and this is by far the best one. You guys are bloody geniuses.

- My Leadership Strengths, QPT User

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