One-to-one mental health and wellbeing

Revitalise Minds

The brief

Founded in 2019 with a passion for the elderly and mental health driven by experience in social care. Revitalise Minds aim to offer one-to-one, person-centred mental health services through social activities to individuals with or without mental health problems. Our role was to collaborate with the founder to create a new brand identity and strategy. The goal was to represent the company, discover and encompass all of their values into every customer contact point.

Understanding, developing & applying

At, we pride ourselves on how well we understand exactly what our client's target audience requires. Using in-depth research into the demographics of Revitalise Minds, we analysed the types of brands and marketing strategies already in place within the industry to fully understand the environment we're working in. This gave a rounded foundation of knowledge, ready to apply to all of the design applications and integrate into the strategy.

Speech, mindfulness and kindness

Working with the founder of Revitalise Minds we helped develop the clear and concise strap-line "one-to-one mental health and wellbeing". In one sentence, the brand and its values converse clearly. To produce the logo, we used the combination of speech, mindfulness and kindness as values of focus. Visible is a conversation bubble, heart and face in a calming expression. These represent each of the values one by one in a subtle form. A range of blues and greens have been used throughout; Greens represent prosperity and health; Blues display the meanings of loyalty, dependability and serenity.

A responsive web experience

With many website users shifting over to a mobile-first website experience, we always ensure our websites are optimised across all devices. Using the latest technologies, Revitalise Minds maintains its personality across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. On all the websites we develop, we take advantage of cutting-edge software. This ensures websites are performant no matter if the users are on wi-fi or mobile data.

I met Matt and Sam and worked with them closely during the branding of my company Revitalise Minds Limited. I can confidently say that the quality of work, communication, customer service and professional advice I received was exceptional. Sam and Matt are really talented, knowledgeable and very committed to any project they undertake. They work with you and they apply high levels of discipline and skill in their work.

- Jeniffer Makau, Director of Revitalise Minds

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