Programming meets contemporary design

Creative Codespace

The brief

The core goal of Creative Codespace is to inform creative individuals about what is happening in the world of creative coding. Making use of creative coding allows for infinite possibilities to a single solution to be created algorithmically. Harnessing the potential of creative coding allowed for a series of solutions throughout every aspect of the brand from branding to printed exhibition catalogues.

A brand identity through generative methods

The Creative Codespace logo is designed to represent the brand proposition of bridging the gap between creativity and code. The generative logo is created purely through code using Javascript, HTML and CSS. The algorithm behind the logo converts the hexadecimal colour values used into the relating binary. Each row of dots within the icon represent a letter in the hexadecimal colour of the logo. This allows for 16,581,375 logo variations to be generated, coinciding with the amount of RGB colours available to us.

Generative movements

The concept behind generative movements is displaying prior art and design movements using modern technology. The aim is to showcase the generative capabilities of modern technology, in this case, Javascript framework p5.js. Through thorough research, art and design movements were identified into classifications of their visual qualities such as geometry and complexity.

A single algorithm allows for an infinite amount of possibilities


Unique designs generated


Lines of code


Algorithms written

Exhibition catalogue

The Generative Moments exhibition catalogue is a 56-page perfect bound book showcasing the work displayed at the exhibition space. A contemporary look and feel with a minimal copy were used throughout the catalogue to allow images to speak for themselves. Paper stock used is 130gsm silk for a premium finish and to allow the vibrancy of the imagery to be showcased.

The educational aspect

As part of the Creative Codespace is workshops teaching creatives across the United Kingdom creative coding techniques. Making use of the generative algorithms and a modular design system enabled for a series of striking advertisements to showcase the skills potential attendees can gain.

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