Improving organic SEO and website retention for Roger Bullivant

Roger Bullivant

The brief

Our long-term partnership with Roger Bullivant Limited is a successful venture into helping their nationwide marketing efforts. We’ve worked with RB for a number of years, helping with various marketing collateral, branding projects and website developments.

One of our recent strategies was to restructure the website with a focus on SEO towards a final goal of increasing organic traffic.

Keyword selection (Test)

Over the past 10 months we’ve been working towards increasing user retention, developing a wider knowledge base across the Roger Bullivant Limited website. Our goal was to push towards higher ranking search results for specific keywords. To do this, we analysed the past data on Roger Bullivant and competitors identifying a selection of short-tail and long-tail keywords to target. This allowed us to produce an SEO strategy to begin improving SERP positions through various forms of SEO optimisation.

19/20 vs 20/21 SERP Positions


Helical Displacement Piles

7.41 vs 2.04


SFA Piles

25.06 vs 1.15


ODEX Piling

35.33 vs 2.57

Improving the focus

Our initial research found users sometimes struggled to locate the specific information they required about piling techniques. To combat this, we devised a new page structure with a hierarchy of products, splitting the plethora of techniques on offer into four main categories on the website. This doubles up as an SEO driven method to increase traffic to individual pages which now had a clear focus on specialist techniques.

We followed this by restructuring the home page to create an easier user experience that would help visitors navigate through the website in a way that generates more interest, keeping the potential customers interested before converting them into leads. By creating new journey’s through cross-page backlinks and increasing call to actions at appropriate times, we were able to successfully boost these figures.

19/20 vs 20/21 Analytics


Avg. Session Duration

00:00:54 vs 00:01:44



1.93 vs 2.17


Page Views

102,041 vs 128,104

Promoting internal linking

An essential part of any SEO strategy is improving content to be optimised for viewers and search engines. Working alongside the Roger Bullivant Limited marketing team, we help tailor their written content across product pages, case studies and blog posts to include targeted keywords for maximum impact.

Case studies are a great way to showcase the company's current work, promote keywords and later link back into the relevant product pages that have been used in the project. This allows for a rounded customer journey, educating the customer on what is achievable and how it can benefit them. This technique is required to ‘warm’ a lead up and display in-depth knowledge which creates more confidence in the sales process.

Working to the framework

Due to current limitations in the existing website, we had to adapt solutions to work around Roger Bullivant Limited’s existing framework. Using our in-depth knowledge of site optimisation techniques, we dug deep into the code greatly improving site performance and google audit results. This proved a challenge for our team but it was matched with resilience and determination to still provide a positive result. We continue to work on the strategy with the marketing team at Roger Bullivant but our current progress is already worth a mention. 

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