The rustic blend of luxury and tradition


the brief

Olea lovingly produces oils with hand-picked premium olives, harvested early on-site in a certified organic mill. The rigorous standards mean tastier, healthier oils with each taste giving an explosion of flavour. Olea wanted to extend its range of oils and boost sales across their market. The company originally sold 100% extra virgin olive oil but has now created blends of five chilli infused oil and blood orange infused oil.

  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
Olea - Logo
Olea - Logo
Olea - Logo

preparing for growth

To coincide with their new product launch Olea wanted to rebrand their company, taking their brand to the next level.’s brief was to create a consolidated identity which is adaptable, to allow new products to have their own unique characteristics within the product line.
Olea Oil

a rustic blend of luxury

The Olea brand required a rustic, handcrafted approach, without sacrificing the luxury feel of the brand. Small changes in the font choice and adaptations create a hand-crafted feel to the typography rather than fully perfected, polished aesthetic. Ceramic pots show the purity of the product, with a small amount of colour introduced for each flavour. Colours represent the individual flavours with a patterned line, symbolising the smooth, harsh and slightly sour taste notes of each oil.
Olea - Five Chilli
Olea - Blood Orange
Olea - Extra Virgin