An all new way to source plant training

The Training Plant

the brief

The Training Plant is an online platform that finds tried and tested plant training for warehouse employees to help improve workplace safety and efficiency. We were tasked with producing a brand and developing a website that encapsulates the ingenuity of this concept whilst keeping the company rooted in the industry it serves.

  • Branding
  • Website Design

industry and modernity

The brand represents a reliable and diverse meeting point between trainees and trainers, built using simple geometric shapes to echo the nature of the engineering industry. The logo aims to reflect The Training Plant’s easy-to-use yet highly dependable service. The grey and yellow colours keep the logo firmly based in the construction and plant industry it resides in. All these elements come together to bring the industry to a new, exciting digital platform.

adapting for the web

The development of the website involved integrating the vibrant, colourful brand into a straight-to-the-point, accessible web platform that anyone can approach and use. It was of paramount importance to us that the user journey through the website was as engaging and simple as possible to allow The Training Plant to attract its intended audience and come across as an approachable platform for plant managers and employees.