Choose Your Charger

Bespoke online applications for a smooth transition to EVs

The Brief

Choose Your Charger makes it simple and easy for people to choose the best EV charger.

Making it easier for people to switch to an electric vehicle means a faster overall transition to zero-emission travel and a cleaner, greener world. We were approached by the Choose You Charger team to create a brand strategy and develop their full online presence. This included a bespoke customer journey and CRM development optimised for converting leads.


Web Application


The face of the company

Choose Your Charger approached us to create a brand identity that is inclusive, memorable and inviting. Inspired by the EV charge sockets, we created the mascot, Evie. Evie is a staple on the Choose Your Charger brand and assists customers through their online journey, helping them to find the best EV charger for their needs. Evie is an inviting character that has left a mark on many of the customers, creating a memorable brand experience.

Developing a journey

Our primary goal of the Choose Your Charger build was a stripped back, simple approach to finding an EV charger. There was a need for a solution that allowed EV owners to compare chargers and find out what they need to suit their lifestyles. We worked with key stakeholders to test, design and build the customer experience into an easy to navigate lead generation tool. Throughout the development phase we continuously ran benchmarking test to ensure the application produced quotes quicker than the industry average.

Seamless cross-device experience

With many users accessing the website via their mobile designs, we ensured a streamlined user experience was implemented with a focus on handheld devices. The interface was designed mobile-first allowing it to be scaled up into desktop and tablet responsive versions. Using application background processes, the application pre-loads quotes as the user enters data. This allows end-users to receive their electric vehicle charger quotes in a near-instant once they hit continue.

I got a PHEV for my company car and wasn't sure on what I needed to charge it. This companies website made it really simple to book in. Installation was booked quickly and the operative who came was great. Highly recommend!

- Choose Your Charger, Customer

Let’s talk data

We understand admin work can take up a huge amount of company time. Due to this, we focused on making the admin experience of Choose Your Charger as simple as possible. We built a bespoke Customer Relationship Management system to manage customers, leads and any front-end dynamic data. This allows all data passed into the CRM to be automatically populated, changed and tracked by the admin team. Integrating with the UK EV database API all new vehicles releases are synchronised daily. This allows the whole OZEV validation process to be automated, with minimal input from Choose Your Charger.

Choose Your Charger has recently had its branding and website, designed and developed by this extremely talented team at Their work was very impressive and their customer service was even better! I’m looking forward to working with them in the future and would definitely recommend.

Cameron Ritchie.

Co-Founder @ Choose Your Charger